Had Unprotected Sex? What Next?

Written By Anyssa S., 9 September, 2021


Hey, it happens.

If you are having concerns after engaging in unprotected sex, here are a few things to consider before your next act of passion.

1. Use the Restroom

Taking a trip to the bathroom within 30 minutes after sex will decrease your chances of developing an STI. This goes for everybody!

If bacteria begins to build up in the urethra, an infection can occur. Urination flushes out any potential bacteria that may have entered the urethra during sex, therefore preventing an unwanted infection.

The symptoms of an STI include:

  • Unfamiliar discharge from the genital area or anus

  • Discomfort when using the restroom

  • Lumps on or near the genital area or anus

  • Itching sensation involving the genital area

  • Blisters, warts or rashes on or near the genital area

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to take part in HIV rapid testing available by calling your primary care provider or visiting Aviva.


2. Get Tested

There’s no shame in your game, keep your sex life safe.

HIV is on the rise and we understand that some of our Long Beach community members may be concerned about their STD/I status. We encourage you and your partner to get tested together.

The HIV prevention community, here in Long Beach, has been working hard to provide safer sex options for its residents. Pharmacies like ours offer PrEP options for people who want to lower their risk of HIV contraction, and PEP options for patients who feel they have been exposed to HIV and want to help prevent its onset.

3. Practice Safe Sex

Many health care providers, like us, provide FREE condoms to all, in a judgement free zone.

4. Plan for the future

For those who are worried about unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy tests, oral birth control and Plan B options are readily available.

Please contact your doctor for any implant related birth control options.

There are ways to lessen your risk of STDs when engaging in unprotected sex. Get tested and take preventative measures before your next encounter.

Aviva Pharmacy is now offering HIV Rapid Testing, FREE condoms, PrEP, and PEP. Walk-in or Call to schedule your appointment today.