Vision and Mission

At Aviva Pharmacy we firmly believe that great health is the vehicle to achieving a full, happy life. As such, we aspire to help our patients achieve optimal health and well-being and are steadfast in our commitment to delivering personalized, high touch care and services. Through compassion, dedication, expertise, innovation, professionalism, and unbridled desire to improve patients’ health, we work closely with providers, insurers, and patients to provide the highest standard of care.


At Aviva Pharmacy, we are committed to contributing a higher quality of life to individuals of our local community. We believe in giving back to programs and institutions that make a positive change in our community. Our corporate social responsability program is focused in supporting local causes, we give proceeds from our net profits to develop social and educational programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our corporate responsibility (CSR) seriously and involve the entire team to promote growth and service while advancing employees’ wellbeing and enhancing our community. Our culture and values are rooted in care, integrity, accountability, and community.