Our Commitment to You Our Providers

Everything we do at Aviva Pharmacy centers around one simple tenet; we aspire to help you. We firmly believe that one of the best ways to accomplish this mission is to help our providers do what they do best, focus on patient care.

Our pharmacists have vast experience with specialty medications and understand the complexity involved in the care delivery, and maintenance of patients on these life-saving drugs. Through compassion, dedication, competency, innovation, we are steadfast in our commitment of meeting each patient's unique health care needs, ensuring optimal treatment outcome.

Why Aviva Pharmacy?

At Aviva Pharmacy, we understand that dealing with the complex healthcare labyrinth and administrative tasks can take up valuable time from the delivery of optimal patient care. As such we are committed to helping you, our providers, simplify your office work. And as patients’ advocates, we are steadfast in our focus to improve medication access, lower financial barriers, enhance compliance and safety through education, training, ongoing follow-up and support

Our holistic approach to patient care collaborative engagement, payers, providers, home agencies, manufacturers, and foundations to provide wide-ranging, high touch care and services:

  • Prior Authorization Assistance
  • Eligibility related paperwork
  • Treatment follow up
  • Ongoing patient supervision to ensure safe and adherence
  • Injection training for patients
  • Perform drug benefit assistance
  • Customize patient care related services to fit your need
  • Facilitate communications through mobile app
  • Clinical and Pharmacist support 24/7
  • Financial support for patients through Disease Foundations and Co-Pay Assistance Programs