Long Beach Pharmacy Opens COVID-19 Vaccination Center

For being such a small pharmacy, Aviva has had a large impact on the Long Beach fight against COVID-19. On any given day, Aviva vaccinates up to 250 people and has vaccinated over 3,800 people to date. In total, over 8 million California residents have been vaccinated–which is 14.5% of the total population. Aviva was one of the first vaccination sites in Long Beach, and is currently the only independent pharmacy in the city to open a vaccination center.

It’s a massive effort for a community pharmacy–most other vaccination sites have the resources of large companies or the federal government. Aviva, on the other hand, is making it happen with much less: a small pharmacy on Atlantic Avenue, a crew of dedicated staff and helpful volunteers, and a mission to improve the health and wellness of their community.

Vaccinating thousands of patients is a big change in Aviva’s daily operations but in many ways, it’s an extension of their core mission. “We believe in giving back”, says Amy Nguyen, founder of Aviva, “and giving back for us means investing in the health and wellness of our community. We are dedicated to providing our community with access to effective and low-cost treatments, and today that means giving the COVID-19 vaccine to as many people as we can.”

Amy founded Aviva Pharmacy in 2017 with the mission of creating a community-centered, low-cost pharmacy. Filling prescriptions is only the first step at this independent pharmacy. Aviva considers all aspects of their patients to provide comprehensive treatment that results in greater health and happiness.

Whole-person care is an integrative approach that goes beyond medication by ensuring a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional health are well taken care of. Aviva Pharmacy helps its patients build healthy habits, get approval from their insurance, get the lowest cost treatment possible, and even delivers medication to its patients.

Although vaccinating thousands of people has strained Aviva’s limited resources, there is no plan to stop vaccinating any time soon. “Improving the health of our community is why we created this pharmacy”, said Amy Nguyen “and we won’t stop until everyone in Long Beach is vaccinated.”

You can sign up for Aviva’s vaccination waitlist here.

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines from trusted sources, like the COVID-19 page on our website and from the CDC.